Rapid CDR

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Rapid CDR is a call auditing package providing call detail records (CDR), empowering you to accomplish more, further streamline your business’s operations,  and continue to increase your bottom line.  Not having and using a functional call auditing package is simply too costly in today’s competitive world.  Time theft and misuses of company resources hurts your organization and you need ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate this wastage.  Concurrently, the legal liabilities incurred by not tracking calls can be utterly devastating to your company no matter its size. Rapid CDR can help solve these problems and minimize the risk associated with running a business in today’s world.  Call auditing has become a necessity and Rapid CDR is most cost-effective choice there is.

The Bison Data Solutions Rapid CDR call data recorder has simply been the best call detail recording system we have had. Prior to Rapid CDR, pulling call detail records was an event, to say the least, and maintenance, system restarts and data availability were always a concern. The Rapid CDR system has performed beyond expectation and is absolutely reliable. Reports are simple and exactly what we need to get in, pull a report, and move on with our day.
Justin Perrine Manager of Networks and Telecom Systems at PECOFacet

Rapid CDR


  • Call records in near real time with the click of a button
  • Basic Statistics Dashboard
    • Provides call counts and times based on time frames such as this month, or last year
    • Display individual counts and call times per users
    • Compare system wide numbers to the average data for that time frame
  • Hunt Group Tracking
    • Show hunt group based data such as calls to hunt group and time spent on hunt group calls.
    • Automatically detect hunt groups.  No entry required.
  • Instantly search records on multiple parameters
  • E911 Call Tracking
    • Quick view for E911 calls showing who called E911 and when the call was made
  • Phone View
    • Users can view basic records from their Cisco phones
  • Always-on tracking
  • Easy installation
  • Enterprise grade security

Why Rapid CDR :

  • Rapid CDR is modern:
    • Rapid CDR was built in the modern world for the modern business.  Our competitors routinely try to pass off ancient technology that was created and developed as much as a decade ago as “new” and “exciting.”  If you see a competitor showing a screenshot with Internet Explorer 6 in it, run.  You deserve a better vendor and you know it.
  • Rapid CDR is multi-platform and cloud ready:
    • Many competitors require you to install an application to view the call records and will only offer that application on one platform, such as Windows. Rapid CDR displays the records on a web interface.  There is no installation required and you can use any platform that has a browser, including mobile devices.  You and your organization deserve a modern call auditing package.
  • Rapid CDR Works for you, Not the other way around:
    • Stop spending money on “solutions” that require constant babysitting by your IT department.  Install Rapid CDR, sit back, and watch it work.  That’s the point, Rapid CDR just works.  It tracks calls, every call.
  • We don’t want to nickel and dime you:
    • Stop getting bled dry by the other guys.  When you buy Rapid CDR, it’s yours, forever.  We aren’t going to charge per seat, or charge per year, so hire that new guy and don’t worry about it adding costs to your call tracking bill.
  • We are willing to tell you what we do:
    • Ever go to a website and don’t know what the product can do?  What deficiencies are they trying to hide? Rapid CDR stands on it’s own and doesn’t need a high pressure sales guy pulling out the stops to make the sale.  If Rapid CDR doesn’t do what you want it to do, please let us know.  We are always looking for ways to add value to our customer.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum Hardware:  1.3GHZ with 512MB Memory, 200GB Hard Drive
  • Recommended Hardware:  2GHZ+ with 1028MB+ Memory, 200GB+ Hard Drive
  • VMWare, VirtualBox, and Other Virtual Solutions Supported