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When interacting with our customers, Bison Data Solutions, relies heavily on our partners selling Rapid CDR to their customers.  Our partners are typically in the business of selling Cisco voice solutions and want to add to their existing product portfolio.

Why Partner with Bison Data Solutions:

  • Your customers want Rapid CDR. Rapid CDR is a proven product solving real problems that your customers are facing.
  • Rapid CDR is a product you can trust.  We routinely receive high praise from customers for our ease of installation and the effectiveness of the product.
  • Your reputation matters to us.
    • Without our partners, we are nothing and we know it.  Everything we do is aimed at helping maintain your reputation from providing a quality product, to swift deliveries, and more.
  • Rapid CDR can add profit to each voice system sale.
    • Including Rapid CDR as a line item on each system sale is a quick and easy way to add value to your customers and profit to your margins.
    • Rapid CDR is relatively low cost and takes a minimal time investment to install.  The financial rewards are clear as day.

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